Featured Projects

Control Room
Screen Graphics

Random data for a bunch of screens in a control room. Made for both 16:9 and 5:4 screens.

Book Layout, Design, Illustration, & Photo Restoration

Njurunda Kvinnokarta is a project to tell the history of women that lived and worked in Njurunda, Sweden. It’s researched and written by a group of women with a passion for local history and a longing to see more female representation. 

I did the layout, design and illustrated the cover. Further, I illustrated some of the women (where the quality of the found photos were too poor), as well as the photo restoration and editing. 

Photo Restoration

Restored couple photos from different eras.

Some of the photos got manipulated into a more desired look for the client

Pop-Up Cards

Pop-up cards for celebrations, invitations, and greetings.

All cards are handmade and custom ordered. For sale in my Etsy shop