Miniatures is much more than the standard accessories to the classic dollhouse. Now used in games, shows, and stop motion animation as well as being highly valued by collectors. Each miniature requires knowledge about scale, dimensions, material design, as well graphic/prop/costuming design but smaller.

One of a Kind Cat Sculptures

Sculpted dolls with accessories all telling their own little story. 

Made with among other things super sculpey, wire, wood, card stock, twine, acrylic paint, flock fiber, metal, resin, fabric, yarn and a whole bunch of superglue. 

Underwater City

Miniature buildings and landscape for the Swedish Television children’s game show, ‘Labyrint’. 

Lasercut wood and cardstock build around old plastic and bits and pices of trash. 

Head prop maker was Andreas Hammar; design and blueprint by Pelle Magnestam.

Stop Motion

University graduation project: stop motion trailer for the detective story short film Murder at Bristal Hall. Did all the set design, sets, props, stop motion puppets, lightning, animation, pre- and postproduction.

Can be viewed HERE.