Prop & Costume

Prop and Costuming are used to make film, tv, and theater productions come alive and to let the actors as well as the audience feel immersed into the experience. A wide variety of materials and tool is often used in prop making as you might conclude from looking at my examples below. 

Dead Donkey

Dead donkey body for the Swedish version of “The Book of Mormon”. Styrofoam base by me. The faux fur and wounds were made by Therese Jansson and Robin Alderskans.

Made through EffektStudion based in Stockholm, Sweden. 

Comic Cosplay

Cosplay of Oscar Zahn’s divers outfit from the comic The Strange Tales of Oscar Zahn by Tri Vuong.

Divers helmet made with EVA foam, contact cement and nuts hardware. The rest of the costume is made with fabric, paper mache, faux leather, rope and hardware. The next step for this outfit is a nice weathering.

Looks like Words

Words for the Swedish Television children’s education show, ‘Livet i Bokstavslandet.

Head prop maker was Ylva Lundberg.

Flowers of Horror

Eight petal spiral flowers for the horror short Ringloom by The Distorting Mirror.

Big blooming and wilted flower heads as well as two handfuls of 4″ flowers. 

Made from paper, watercolor and faux flowers.