Photo Editing

Whether the need is for print, digital, or even the big screen, many photos need some work before coming out into the public. It can be simple things like taking away a distracting spot in the background or transporting multiple people into a fantasy world. The end result is the same: diligent attention to detail to match the project’s needs.

Photo Manipulation

Photos often have elements that might distract from the main focus or have the desired look spread out over multiple different images. My job is to manipulate the picture into the parameters set by the client and understanding the project’s environment. 

Photo Restoration

Aged photos often need some love and medical intervention before they are ready to go back out into the world. The same goes for digitally stored images of poor quality. Using various restoration techniques, photos can get new life and even a better and clearer context.


Colorized images from when IKEA closed its store in Köping in the 80’s. They later opened up in a neighboring city that got all the other cool shops too. A hard blow for the small town of Köping.

All of the colorization was done in Photoshop.