Graphic Design

Graphic design products should tell a clear story through colors, fonts, and images.

My job is to translate my clients wishes into a design that the audience quickly can understand what it is and who it is for. And of course, make it look good in the process. 

Raspberry Pi Case

Collaboration with Ian Cho on a RetroPie that plays old video games. I was in charge of the case art, soldering and installing the Raspberry Pie in the case, while Ian did the art and animation for the custom ES theme.

Nintendo NES case modified and spray painted in same color as the graphic label done in Illustrator to mimic retro game case labels. 

BMO is a character from the cartoon Adventure Time.

Pop-Up Cards

Pop-up cards for celebrations, invitations, and greetings.

All cards are handmade and custom ordered. For sale in my Etsy shop