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Featured Projects

Digital Prop

For the TV show Enkelstöten, I did a lot of digital hero props. The modern day drama/comedy used a lot of screens on different devices to communicate important parts of the story. 

Photoshop was my dearest and most loyal friend during this project, but the cutting mat and X-Acto knife also got some action.  

Graphic Prop

A lot of graphic props were made for the feature film: The Cake General (Tårtgeneralen). 

Newspapers, forms, food boxes, logos, tax stamps, magazine spreads, tickets, life size paper cut outs, mail, shoe boxes, road signs, posters, etc., etc.

And it was all to be from the 80’s, with made it all fun and challenging. The 1980’s is a challenging time from a researching perspective since it’s not yet a time that is widely discussed and mapped in historical circles (i.e. collectors and museums).

Book Layout, Design, Illustration, & Photo Restoration

Njurunda Kvinnokarta is a project to tell the history of women that lived and worked in Njurunda, Sweden. It’s researched and written by a group of women with a passion for local history and a longing to see more female representation. 

I did the layout, design and illustrated the cover. Further, I illustrated some of the women (where the quality of the found photos were too poor), as well as the photo restoration and editing.

Photo Restoration

Restored couple photos from different eras.

Some of the photos got manipulated into a more desired look for the client


Here are some photos that I colorized for the feature film: The Cake General (Tårtgeneralen).

All of the colorization was done in Photoshop.

The pictures are from when IKEA closed its store in Köping in the 80’s. They later opened up in a neighboring city that got all the other cool shops too. A hard blow for the small town of Köping.