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Featured projects

Digital prop

For the TV show Enkelstöten I did a lot of digital hero prop. The modern day drama comedy used a lot of screens on different devices to communicate important parts of the story. 

Photoshop was my dearest and most lojal friend during this project but the cutting mat and X-Acto knife also got some action.  

Graphic prop

A lot of graphic prop was made for the feature film: The Cake General (Tårtgeneralen). 

Newspapers, forms, faux food boxes, logos, tax stamps, magazine spreads, tickets, life size paper cut outs, mail, shoe boxes, road signs, posters, ect, ect. 

And it was all to be from the 80’s, with made it all fun and challenging. The 1980’s is a challenging time from a researching perspective since it’s not yet a time that is widely discussed and mapped in historical circles (i.e. collectors and museums) and also too far back in time to be well documented online. When I asked around about certain details the standard answer I got was “google it”. And that was quite hard. For example; you can easily find out what a certain item was priced in the 50 by a simple google search, and also find information for the same from the late 90’s and onward. But the 80’s is still too young for the real history nerds and too old for the never forgetting internet.    



Here is some photos that I colorized for the feature film: The Cake General (Tårtgeneralen). 

All of the colorization was made in Photoshop.

The pictures are from when IKEA closed its store in Köping in the 80’s. They later opend up in a neighboring city that got all the other cool shops too. A hard blow for the small town of Köping. 

The worlds longest sandwich cake

The plot in the feature The Cake General (Tårtgeneralen) circled around a 500 meter (1640 feet) long sandwich cake. 

For the close ups real sandwich cake was made and for the wide shots some faux cake created the illusion of a quite long cake. 

I did a repeating pattern of a top wived sandwich cake and had it printed on vinyl. Me and the rest of the art department then stapled it on top of a wooden form that made a smooth transition to the real cake.  

Book cover design

A writer’s club wrote this volume of collected novels about the God Tree and asked me to design the cover.

Two pictures was merged with the help of Photoshop and the graphic design was laid on top. 

Miniature diorama

This diorama was originally inspired by the Harry Potter books and the friends endless hours spent in the school library. 

A preference for the more fable looking characters in stories made me turn the three young heroes into mice. 

A number of different material was used such as wood, carton, super sculpy, paper, and lots of glue. All the books are made individually for a more realistic look.