Graphic Art

Graphic Art, in its simplest form, is graphic design for world building. Both physical and digital props are needed to effortlessly move along a story. An understanding of graphic principles, prop making and how it will be used in different production is essential for this kind of work.

When creating a layout for motion pictures, it’s important to let the visual focus point take centerstage and let the rest fade into the background without making it obvious.

Printed Prop

A lot of props are as simple as creating it on a computer and print it out. Give or take a few steps.

Digital Prop

In this day and age, the need for graphic props displayed on screens is as important as the physical ones.

Graphics in Prop Making

It is not uncommon to create props that combine both a digital component and a hand crafted one. These props for museums, movies and shows all demanded some digital and physical handling after print before they were ready.

Tabloid Magazine Articles

Layout design and aging effect to match existing older gossip magazine. Prop used in motion picture shot.