Set and Prop Styling 

Creating a visual narrative


Imagine you’re watching a movie. Everything you see in the background – the furniture, decorations, and overall look of a room or a location – that’s set styling. It’s like the visual design of the space where the story takes place. Set stylists are like the interior designers for the fictional world you’re watching.

Now, think about the objects the characters interact with in a scene – the items they hold, use, or even just have around them. Those are props. Prop styling is all about choosing, arranging, and sometimes even creating these objects to enhance the storytelling.

So, set and prop styling are like the behind-the-scenes magic that makes the visual world of movies and TV shows come to life, helping to tell the story in a more engaging and believable way!

When it comes to photography a well arranged prop in a set can tell the whole story. As the saying goes – A picture is worth a thousand words – and I help to tell that story.

Detail Focus

Every prop, whether it’s a well-worn leather journal or a whimsical teacup, is chosen with care to enhance the theme and communicate a message. The result? A photograph that doesn’t just capture a moment but invites you to step into a world where every detail speaks volumes.

The Bigger Picture

Visual design for a photo shoot is akin to painting on a blank canvas, but instead of brushes, I use props and an eye for aesthetics. It’s the precise process of envisioning how every element will come together to convey a specific mood, theme, or message.

Assisting the Photographer

Prop styling isn’t just about arranging pretty objects; it’s the key to a successful photo shoot. As the photographer focuses on composition, lighting, and angles, the prop stylist steps in to finesse the scene.

From adjusting the angle of a well-worn hat to catching the perfect glimmer on a vintage trinket, I’m the photographer’s partner in crime. In this collaborative effort, communication is key. The focus should be on working hand in hand, exchanging ideas, tweaking details, and ensuring that the final image reflects the shared vision.

Product Photos

The product is the star of a show, ready to step onto a carefully curated stage. As a prop stylist it’s important to curate clear and informative visual information about the product to the consumer. The better a product is showcased the better a customer will feel about their decision to purchase said product.